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All OYLA youth game officials are made up from 14+ year old lacrosse players from the Metro area.  Each program coordinates their own officials for their own games.  

If you desire to be an official for the youth program you must attend one of the below listed youth officials clinics.  You will attend these clinics as a Level 1 official unless you request to be a Level 2 official with a recommendation from your high school lacrosse coach and an approval from CYL President. 

Youth officials are paid (Level 1) $25 per game and (Level 2) $30 per game. 

The youth officials coorindator for CYL for 2016 Season is Jeff Curran and Lance Havens.


•       Training cost will be $40 and it includes the 2016 NFHS Rulebook, Flag and Whistle
•       Each location will be limited to 50 participants.

 You want to become a youth lacrosse referee?

The Oregon Youth Lacrosse Association is always looking for outstanding youth referees to officiate lacrosse games for grades 1 thru 8. An excellent candidate for youth ref training is:
•       High school student or older
•       Reliable and organized person
•       A lacrosse player (not required, but invaluable experience)
•       Personality to appropriately interact with coaches, parents and players
You will also need an extensive knowledge of the rules of the game and the ability to manage game mechanics. These are both included in OYLA ref training and the materials provided to the youth referee.


The OYLA offers two levels of youth referee certification.

Level 1 (J1) officials have taken the OYLA training and passed the OYLA certification exam. Level 2 (J2) officials are experienced officials who have demonstrated expertise and leadership in the previous season(s) and have been recommended by their club Ref Assignor or their high school lacrosse coach. J2 candidates must take advanced training and pass the J2 OYLA exam.


The two step process to your first level of certification (J1)

1.      Register and attend a referee clinic.
2.      Complete the J1 online test.


Returning J1 Youth Officials

1.      Register and attend a referee clinic.
2.      Complete the J1 online test.


Returning J1 Officials who have been nominated to advance to J2 status

1.      Confirm that your assignor/coach has nominated you for J2 status.
2.      Register and attend a J2 referee clinic.
3.      You will be expected to lead small groups during the practicum portion of the clinic.
4.      Complete the J2 online test.

Returning J2 Officials

1.      Register as an J2 referee.
2.      Complete the J2 online test.
3.      Your class participation is optional. We welcome your support in a leadership role during the clinics.

All registration, regardless of level, requires a $40 fee. Registration materials (your flag, rulebook, tshirt and whistle) will be handed out in the clinic. The only exception is for returning J2 referees who are opting out of clinic attendance. You will be able to pick up your supplies at Bigfoot Lacrosse following completion of your J2 test.
Registration and payment is online. Walk-up registration on the day of the clinic is ONLY available if space allows. Walk-up registration is $50. Following completion of the clinic, you will receive an email username, password and link to the online test. The test is multiple choice and requires a rulebook! Good luck.
Communicate with your assignor to schedule games once you have completed certification.

 LAX Youth Officials: Two categories of certification - J1 and J2

J1 Officials are certified OYLA youth referees who have attended a training clinic and completed the online test. The clinic and test must be completed annually and certification is effective for one year.

J2 Officials are experienced youth officials who have received recommendations from their coach or assignor to advance to the J2 level. Candidates for J2 are recommended by their coach or assignor after demonstrating officiating leadership the previous season. A candidate for J2 advancement should demonstrate effective game management, leadership, knowledge, appropriate application of the rules and on-the-job reliability. In order to advance from J1 to J2 status, an J2 candidate must register and attend an J2 clinic and pass the J2 online test.

J2 clinic registration requires prior recommendation from the coach or assignor.

J2 officials returning subsequent years must register and complete the online J2 test. Clinic attendance for returning J2 officials is optional. Annual registration is $40.00 regardless of level or clinic attendance.

It is the policy of OYLA that the club payment for J2 be $5.00 per game above the payment for J1. This is not the responsibility of OYLA to monitor or enforce, as games are scheduled and paid by the club.